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15 01, 2014

Leverage your brand-logo mark, 7 ways to make it stick.

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Target's brand everywhere
The past few weeks you have likely seen the CEO of Target trying to manage the aftermath of the massive credit card hacking scandal. Not a fun situation for any brand leader. One recent interview on CNBC caught my eye. While Gregg Steinhafel was assuring customers that the company was taking the right steps to deal with the mess, a beautiful logo-patterned, red Target vase was perched on the stage behind him. Was his intention to communicate, yes this is bad, but you can still expect great design and a style edge that the big blue retailer just can't do? Using logo marks well in non traditional touch points is a great opportunity for any brand. I read an interesting story in the Wall Street Journal about the return of wearing branded apparel. The story was titled, “The Return of the Fashion Logo”. Full story click here.
10 07, 2012

Must-have creativity books to increase performance, productivity and profits

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Creativity is the fuel for all progress in life and business. And the good news, CREATIVITY is within everyone's reach. While some people are born with a stronger creative twist to their thinking, creativity is a skill that can be learned. Developing a deeper creative mind is one of my favorite passions in life. I'm always looking for new resources and thought leaders that can help me produce more creative juice so I can enjoy my journey and achieve my goals. Here are three books on the subject of creative thinking and enhancement methods that have helped me be more creative thus adding more value to what I offer the world, my clients, followers and friends. If you are looking to boost your creative power, I highly-recommend you check these out.
24 04, 2012

Borrowed time – Don’t steal from yourself

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I asked Lauren where her mom was? She explained her mom, her grandmother and 111 people were killed in the United Flight #232 plane crash 23 years ago. I had never met anyone who lost friends or family in a commercial plane crash, so I was curious and inquired more. Lauren, where were you? She replied, "I was there too. I was one of the survivors. I was thrown from the plane and ended up in a corn field". Lauren was 6 at the time. After being in a coma for nearly a month she was given a second chance to live.
23 04, 2012

Self-esteem, 3 tips to make yours rock solid

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Self-esteem for entrepreneurs
Confidence is a condition you manifest when you do things with competence. Self-esteem is a belief level you buy into about yourself, when you're not doing anything at all. To enjoy a great life and a rich business or career, they are both needed to be mastered. I consider myself an emotionally healthy person. I also know that I can always improve myself. I'm interested in learning things that can make me more effective with my business, my personal relationships and things that provide me with a more fulfilled life. Back in January Alan Weiss, a coach and mentor of mine for the past decade, offered a one-day workshop on self-esteem.
3 03, 2012

The magic of momentum – 6 ways to create yours.

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The past few months I’ve really amped up my commitment to my tennis game. I play 4 or 5 times a week, take lessons and participate in cardio drills. The results have been GREAT. I’ve lost 5 pounds and buffed up quite a bit. And I’ve had a surprising number of wins when I was really behind. I’m talking down by two sets, against a 26 year old or in a deep hole with scores like 5,0 and 5,1 and I've come back. I've been thinking about this phenomenon, how it happens and how it applies to life and business too. For me it’s about a few big emotions: frustration, annoyance, disappointment and how to manage them.
12 02, 2012

52 lessons, observations and declarations

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This past week one of my favorite guys and myself celebrated a birthday. I’m happy to report that I’m the younger one. In fact, Abe Lincoln is 203. For those of you who know me well know I’m not a holiday girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love to celebrate, I just believe that everyday you are above ground is a celebration and special, instead of making a big deal about the traditional Hallmark days. As I added another year to my timeline this week, I reflected on some of the most meaningful threads that make up my fabric. I put together 52, and yes there is a reason for that number, I hope you enjoy.
3 12, 2011

Book review – Army of Entrepreneurs by Jennifer Prosek

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Jennifer Prosek, author of Army of Entrepreneurs, is the founder and CEO of CJP Communications where she leads many of the firm’s key accounts. Her offices are located in New York, Connecticut and London and with over 70 working professionals, the firm ranks among the top 35 independent public relations firms in the US. You could definitely say that she knows how to run a business or, should I say, how to gather an army of entrepreneurs. Want to know the secret?
22 03, 2011

Paparazzi, plantains and petrol.

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Part 2 of a 3 part series on visiting Nigeria.
Andrew, part my bodyguard, part my cinematographer and part photographer and I flew Delta Airlines. Fortunately we got to fly business class and it was a […]

28 02, 2011

Can a strong brand make a visit to the dentist less painful?

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You bet my pearly veneers it can.

I’ve never been a big fan of going to the dentist. Maybe it’s because my parents were such sticklers and sent us so often as kids. And as an […]

22 12, 2010

Hitting the streets in NYC, flavors, history and tired feet.

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It’s freezing in New York, but fun and stimulating!

First thing, check into my hotel. I am staying at a small boutique property on upper West Side (I’ll share the details on this property at the […]