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How Brands Gone Bad Returned to Glory . . .

and the 7 Game-Changers that Made the Difference (McGraw-Hill)


Brand Turnaround reveals how you can repair a battered brand image, and return to even greater glory.


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Position your company to handle any brand crisis – instantly and effectively. Toyota, Tylenol, and Goldman Sachs all made the best of serious brand crises. You can, too, with Brand Turnaround! Brand Turnaround examines a number of brand crises–explaining first what went wrong and then  revealing the steps companies took to manage their recovery–all while giving you practical insight and methods you can use to make a positive difference in your brand.

You get the tools you need to develop a game plan within eight hours of the incident to prevent the problem from spreading; create a company culture designed to handle situations quickly and effectively; and manage emotions during the toughest days.

Brand Turnaround captures the churn, burn, and return to glory of over seventy-five brands. Some are small; others are global leaders. Some experienced monumental shake-ups and downturns; others were hit with an event or situation that caused intense public scrutiny, negative media coverage, and dinged the brand’s stature.

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Karen Post, The Branding Diva® shares details about her new book, Brand Turnaround (McGraw-Hill 2011). The book looks at over 75 brand cases that got shaken and returned to glory.

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