1609, 2013

Worse than lice.

They put you to sleep, it’s a poor reflection on a good brand, and its just a down- right bad presentation, but they are still spreading around the globe. I experienced one just the other day. The saddest part of this story, these presenters were not first-time entrepreneurs committing a branding crime or a recent graduate new to the business world. These were executives from a large company, with resources, who should have known better.

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909, 2013

Training your brain – is it worth the sweat?

Age withers the human machine. It slows down the body and dulls the brain. As young as 35 your major organs start to decline. YIKES! For life-long achievers and supercharged entrepreneurs this can be a disheartening and […]

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309, 2013

Cold calling still sucks

Yeah, we all know that but when sales are not happening, how does one get around this rejection-ridden routine?

My buddy Jeffrey Gitomer, the modern day Godfather of selling, shares this answer along with many other unbreakable […]

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2808, 2013

Password peeves – a promising new free app

Password annoyance ranks up there with people who are clueless to cell phone manners and pesky black flies.

All three can make me cranky.
The later two may be hopeless, but the passwords management may have a […]

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2008, 2013

Pets, positioning and poop.

8 marketing truths

Almost a year ago, Chip (short for Chipolte) entered my life. A long-haired, kind of crazy, very co-dependent Chihuahua straight from the local SPCA.

So, how does a former homeless pup turn into a […]

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1208, 2013

1 step forward, 2 steps back – that’s business!

Being stumped is an essential part of the creative process. Step beyond discouragement.

For the past 6 months,  I’ve been thinking about my next book. I want to travel more globally, and I want to expand […]

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