403, 2015

The well of original ideas is dry.

The well of original ideas is dry

As marketers, brand leaders and creative types many of us (I’ve been guilty too) are in a constant search for the next new thing, a burst of innovation, some concept or some story that’s never been heard or seen and is original.

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1802, 2015

A fast lane to stickier brand messaging

Time is money

And it’s very likely your audience’s well is bone dry with no extra minutes to spare. Let alone are they willing to give you even one nano inch of bandwidth to understand and remember your point.

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902, 2015

Super Bowl: Branding trends for 2015

Super Bowl: Branding trends for 2015

You blink your eyes and another year buzzes by. Whew, I’m glad I’m aging backwards.

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1911, 2014

Caffeine, cookies and luxury cars.

Cause marketing is nothing new to brand builders.

But this program is really special and was the deciding factor when I purchased my last automobile.

Several years ago I had to put my car in the body […]

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1211, 2014

Airports – How some attract brand fans and why others should fly away

Branding tips from the road warrior.
This past year I’ve been to over 50 airports in the US. I’ve seen and experienced the good, the bad and the most disappointing. For a long time airports have […]

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2710, 2014

6 Ways to get better feedback from customers.

Brand your feedback forms
Even on the sunniest of days there are floods of feedback forms and follow-up calls bombarding customers about their recent experiences with a brand. Just yesterday, I received seven requests from companies I do business with. Some are not too disruptive because they arrive in your email. Others can feel annoying, like pesty flies, especially when they are tied to an experience that has caused you a lot of stress -- like when your Internet goes down or your computer locks up. Next thing you know is that you are behind on your work. Not five seconds after you hang up with a technology support person whose English is not the best calls you to find out how their brand performed.

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