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  • Missing opportunities because of low-market awareness?
  • Losing customers to competitors because of price?
  • Employees operating with a divided purpose?
  • Or having a tough time recruiting superstar talent?

Karen Post’s branding expertise helps fix these challenges. Known by many as the Branding Diva®, Karen helps organizations and individuals STAND OUT with a strong brand. We call it Brain Tattooing; the art and science of planting your company’s unique message in the minds of the buying market.

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  • Creativity

3 places to find inspiration & test your brand tone

Every weekend I have a few routine things that I do to fuel up my mind and creative thinking. Here are three worth checking out.

  • shoes

Critical step in any great brand – Walk in the customer’s shoes… often!

Positive customer and employee experiences are at the core of any successful brand. Without delivering experiences that add something meaningful to the lives of the buyer, and provide value and emotional reward, a brand is toast. Whether they’re B2B or B2C customers, now that these consumers can talk and share their experiences online 24/7, the customer experience is more important than ever.

  • color-266208_1280

Your brand is your canvas – How to repaint the story

This blog originally ran in my It's got a good universal message that can apply to any industry.