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  • Missing opportunities because of low-market awareness?
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  • Employees operating with a divided purpose?
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Karen Post’s branding expertise helps fix these challenges. Known by many as the Branding Diva®, Karen helps organizations and individuals STAND OUT with a strong brand. We call it Brain Tattooing; the art and science of planting your company’s unique message in the minds of the buying market.

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  • Branding Diva

How simple brands do less and provide more

Long time, no speak. I’ve been working on a new book idea along with my other responsibilities. When I get in that deep thinking creative zone, sometimes my blogging gets put on the back burner. […]

  • What all businesses can learn from Subway’s mess

What all businesses can learn from Subway’s mess

After nearly 15 years of building a huge brand asset, Subway’s brand ambassador is going to jail. In 2000, Jared Fogle, then a college student, lost 245 pounds by eating Subway sandwiches. He became a paid spokesperson and celebrity for the restaurant group. He made appearances, they printed his face and story everywhere, Jared was the consistent face of the brand. On July 7th 2015, the FBI raided Jared’s house in connection to allegations of child pornography. In April of this year, Russell Taylor, the executive director of Fogle’s Jared Foundation, was arrested after investigators found more than 400 illicit videos in his Indianapolis home.
  • Creativity

3 places to find inspiration & test your brand tone

Every weekend I have a few routine things that I do to fuel up my mind and creative thinking. Here are three worth checking out.