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There’s no reason for a boring, blend in the crowd brand. Do you need help standing out and standing for something that matters to your buyers?

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Brand up baby! Be deliberate, distinct & downright amazing.

  • Missing opportunities because of low-market awareness?
  • Losing customers to competitors because of price?
  • Employees operating with a divided purpose?
  • Or having a tough time recruiting superstar talent?

Karen Post’s branding expertise helps fix these challenges. Known by many as the Branding Diva®, Karen helps organizations and individuals STAND OUT with a strong brand. We call it Brain Tattooing; the art and science of planting your company’s unique message in the minds of the buying market.

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A fast lane to stickier brand messaging

Time is money. And it’s very likely your audience’s well is bone dry with no extra minutes to spare. Let alone are they willing to give you even one nano inch of bandwidth to understand and remember your point.

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Super Bowl: Branding trends for 2015

You blink your eyes and another year buzzes by. Whew, I’m glad I’m aging backwards.

I hope your year was awesome, filled with fun, prosperity and great branding and I’m wishing you all the best for […]